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Section: Questions   Category: Chumash
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Chumash - 4 men who died without any sins
Submitted by shoshana  Answered by Rabbi Shaul Rosenberg
Answer: The Gemorah in Bava Basra 17a says that 4 people died without sin and only died because of the decree made against Adam (that there would be death in the world) for listening to the snake.

1) Binyamin the son of Yaakov

2) Amrom the father of Moshe

3) Yishai the father of David.

4) Kilav the son of David

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Chumash - sukkos
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Revach Editor

Pey - Payis, a new raffle for the Korbonos of Shmini Atzeres that don't go to the Mishmoros who didn't have 3 Parim on Succos.

Zayin - Zman, a new Shehecheyanu

Reish - Regel.  It is a machlokes what this means.  Either that you don't sit in a Succah (Rashi), or that yo0u must stay over night, "Lina" (Rabbeinu Tam), or it stops aveilus (Rabbeinu Chananel).

Korbon - Korban A different Korban and not a continuation of the steady decline of Parim from Succos.

Shin - Shira Shir Shel Yom which is not connected to the theme of the Succos days.

Bais - Bracha.  It is a machlokes what this means.  Either that you bless the king (Rashi), or that you say "Shmini Atzeres" in davening and Birchas HaMazon (Rabbeinu Tam)

See Succah 48a

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Chumash - Tazria-Metzora
Submitted by Sidney hecker  Answered by Rabbi Tzvi Frank
Answer: Cetainly!   God created humor for a reason.
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Chumash - 7 Mitzvot Bnei Noach
Submitted by Amanda  Answered by Rabbi Shaul Rosenberg
Answer: The seven laws listed by the Tosefta and the Talmud are
    1.    Prohibition of Idolatry: You shall not have any idols before God.
    2.    Prohibition of Murder: You shall not murder. (Genesis 9:6)
    3.    Prohibition of Theft: You shall not steal.
    4.    Prohibition of Sexual Promiscuity: You shall not commit any of a series of sexual prohibitions, which include adultery, incest, bestiality and homosexual acts.
    5.    Prohibition of Blasphemy: You shall not blaspheme God's name.
    6.    Dietary Law: Do not eat flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive. (Genesis 9:4)
    7.    Requirement to have just Laws: Set up a governing body of law (eg Courts)
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Chumash - Tzoraas HaBatim Good or Bad
Submitted by SMC  Answered by Rabbi Shaul Rosenberg

Maskil L'David, in his Pirush on Rashi, answers that although Tzaraas is an affliction that comes to one who speaks Lashon HaRa and is stingy, it was a good sign at the time when the Jews entered Eretz Yisroel. At that time, it showed them where all the treasures that the Emoriim hid were to be found. However at all other times it was an evil sign.

posted:2008-04-09 14:45:04  (1) comment   email to a friend

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