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Section: Questions   Category: Chinuch
  A r c h i v e s
Chinuch - Sefer Chareidim
Submitted by michael  Answered by Revach Editor
Question: Dear Rabbi. I would like to know if there is an english translation of Rabbi Azikri's Sefer Chareidim. I would like to know which mitzva corresponds to which body part.In particular, which mitzva is for the back, spine or neck.Thanking you, Michael

Sholom Michael,

There may be an English translation but I am unaware of it.

 As far as the body parts categorized by the Chareidim his breakdown includes, heart, eyes, ears, mouth & windpipe, food pipe, nose, hands, feet, and reproductive organ.  

He does not list back, spine, or neck separately.  The gemara however says that bowing properly by Shmoneh Esrei effects the back/spine.  Wiht regard to the neck, the Smak brings that there is an aveira of being stiff necked, V'arpichem Lo Sakshu Od (Devarim 10:16).  This he says means to love to hear rebuke and love those who rebuke you.

I hope this helps.  Hatzlacha Rabba,


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Chinuch - kiriv
Submitted by rivka  Answered by Rabbi Tzvi Frank
Question: A Kiriv organization asked me if i could volunteer over Rosh Hashana this would include giving classes instead of davening. I was wondering waht is more important at this point of my life (i am 21 and single). Kiriv or davening?
You don't have to give up davening. You can certainly daven. Perhaps not with a minyan or perhaps not with the minyan of your choice and perhaps not the whole davening just a portion.
But imagine the zchus of being m'karev yidden on Rosh Hashana!!!!
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Chinuch - Learning with Children
Submitted by Ben M  Answered by Rav Yisroel Besser

I work and i have a busy schedule. Nevertheless i make sure to make time to learn with each of my sons almost every day. When i finally get a chance to sit down and learn something myself very often one my sons will come in and ask me to learn with him a second time or maybe he didn't feel like learning earlier when i offered and finally decided that he wants to learn.

On one hand I feel that anytime a child wants to learn with his father he shouldn't be pushed away (especially in a generation where things like this can easily come back to haunt you). On the other hand does that mean i must give up my Daf Yomi and disrupt my own learning schedule for it? True learning with my son is considered learning for me (i guess) and it is a special mitzvah, but I feel like i am entitled as well. Please help me with this painful dilemma.


Dear Busy Father

Ashrecha that these are the issues that concern you! Your children are fortunate to have such a father and you are fortunate to have children that wish to learn with you.

The Mitzvah of chinuch is no different than that of lulav, or shofar or krias shma, in that you must properly fulfill your obligation. Chinuch is trickier, because there is no prescribed 'shiur', and whatever will have the most positive impact on the child is recommended. Older children can perhaps appreciate the fact that you are learning, and may even be be inspired by your example, but for younger children, you should enjoy the opportunity to learn with them whenever they are willing. (With an older child, why not invite him to join you in Daf Yomi?)

 An experienced mechanech that I discussed this with suggested that you make your set learning time outside of the house, perhaps in the early morning or late at night.



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