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Miscellaneous - Baruch Ata Goel Yisroel
Submitted by Menash  Answered by Rabbi Tzvi Frank

Good question.

Umeivee Goel is referring to Moshiach.
But Moshiach himself has no intrinsic power to save us.
U'mibaludecha ain lanu melech goel umoshea.
Hashem is the true Goel.
Moshiach is merely His shaliach.
What is interesting is that the mefarshim note that U'meivee is in the present tense. He brings the Goel. Not he will bring, rather he is constantly bringing the goel closer to us. Through every tzoro r"l, through every pitfall, every step of the way is one step closer to Moshiach. May he come speedily in our days.
Tzvi F.

posted:2009-01-15 20:30:15