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Section: Questions   Category: Halacha
TAGS:halacha  lashon hara
Halacha - avak lashon hara
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Revach Editor

Sholom Reb  ,

This is the Revach editor speaking and not Rav Moncharsh who does not get involved in what we publish on Revach.  Unfortunately baashing Gedolim has become a sport today.  This is a very eye opening tshuvah to many people with regard to speaking various laguages as people often ask us about the significance of Yidish.  We are here to help people find the truth.  People will always take things out of context if it suits their needs even the more mundane things that we write. 

I can't remember in what context but somewhere in Shmiras HaLashon I think the Chofetz Chaim himself writes that he is going to write this even if someone will misuse his words and do an aveira with it (you can correct me on that).

Rav Shternbuch stance as well as almost all of the Gedolim looked up  to by Revach is unequivocal and we are not going to present it through rose colored lenses even if some of our readership may object.  Daas Torah is the last bastion of honesty in this world and is not up for a democratic vote.  The values don't change daily since no one has any ambitions of becoming Prime Minister and Revach is not seeking any glory, donations, awards, or advertising money.  Boruch Hashem we are are free to speak the truth as we have been taught it and understand it.

Kol Tuv & Hatzlacha

posted:2009-02-18 00:10:49

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