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Miscellaneous - Beitzah (egg) on the seder plate
Submitted by Michael  Answered by Rabbi Tzvi Frank

Hi Michael!

 Excellent question.

The egg corresponds with the chagigah of 14th Nissan which was consumed the same time as the Pesach (actually right before).

We can see this from the shitos that hold that when Erev Pesach falls out on Shabbos (like this year) the egg would not be necessary , as in the Bais Hamikdash, that chagigah would not be docheh Shabbos. Obviously we are talking about the chagigah that was sacrificed on Erev Pesach NOT the one that was sacrificed on Pesach itself (15 Nissan).

The mishna Brurah does bring down the shitah but the custom is "lo plug" and we have the egg this year as well.

Kind regards,

Tzvi F.

posted:2008-04-17 22:17:39

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