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Halacha - Kashering clothes for Pessach
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Question: I am quite confused about this. I don't know if washing clothes at 40 degrees with regular detergent is good enough to be mevatel chometz. Also is dry cleaning good enough to be mevatel chometz. I do not invite guests on Pessach incase they have crumbs on their clothes - even if they are frum because I don't know the answers to the above 2 questions. As for my family I have special 'robes' that we wear to the table and when I work in the kitchen. I don't know anybody else who does that - so I'm wondering if I should carry on my minhag.

While it is common to have many additional chumros for Pesach, as a good rule of thumb of you don't know anyone else who does something it is a good idea to ask. In Halacha it is sufficient to just brush the clothes well to assume that no crumbs remain, and then there is no need to be concerned that crumbs will fall into the food. Even though it is praiseworthy to take extra measures to avoid even a slight chance of even a crumb of chometz, certainly washing with detergent or dry cleaning would nullify any chometz that might remain and come in contact with the food. It would be unfortunate to miss out in the Mitzva and experience of having guests for the Seder to be machmir and worry about crumbs on the guests clothing.

posted:2009-04-02 13:42:59