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Halacha - mechiras chametz
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

He did the right thing, because if he would have sold the chametz through a Rav on the West Coast he would have had a much bigger problem. Since the chametz would have become assur before the sale took effect, the sale would not have been valid according to many opinions and he would have been considered to own the chametz the entire Pesach. While ideally he should have stipulated that he did not want to reacquire the chametz before Pesach ended in the Pacific time zone, the Rav could not transfer ownership to him when it was to his detriment, and he did not possess the chametz until Pesach ended where he was located at the time. Therefore, there is no problem for him to use the chametz now.

posted:2009-04-20 17:24:46