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Chumash - fish in makas dam and mabul
Submitted by baruch  Answered by Rabbi Shaul Rosenberg
Answer: That is an excellent question. Actually this can be answered with what the Maskil L'David says. He learns that the reason why we find that many animals died by the Makkos - fish by Dam, frogs by the end of Tzfardaya , cattle by Dever, the animals were afflicted with Shchin , killed by Barad, the first born animals died by makkos Bechoros - is because when people sin , that causes a decline in the world causing the animals to also sin (like by the mabul). Just like by the mabul, the animals did not stick to their species and were therefore killed , so too in Mitzrayim. Since the Egyptians were steeped in Znus , this caused the animals to have relations with other species. When Hashem punished the Mitzriyim , he also punished the animals for this sin. What seems interesting according to this , is that although by the mabul the fish stuck to their own species and therefore did not die, in Mitzrayim they did not , and therefore perished.
posted:2009-05-13 10:17:54