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Submitted by DAVID  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

The Magen Avraham 552:14 writes that one may not make a seudas mereiim, a social meal, on Shabbos that is erev Tisha b'Av. The Achronim bring the Bechor Shor who disagrees because cancelling a weekly get-together would be public mourning which is forbidden on Shabbos. The implication is that these Achronim agree with the Bechor Shor's lenient opinion, and it is not clear that the Magen Avraham would forbid this arrangement on Shabbos Chazon that is not erev Tisha b'Av.

So while your "kiddush club" seems to be permitted in Halacha, it certainly should be conducted in a non-frivolous manner befitting the time of year.

posted:2009-05-22 08:51:20