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TAGS:bracha  tzniyus  washing
Halacha - Re: Washing for women and saying brachos
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

The eyes are not considered to have ruach ra or to be soiled, therefore there is no need to do anything to your hands after touching the eyes. However, you should be careful to wash your hands before touching the eyes to prevent them from being harmed by ruach ra or perspiration.

One may recite Shema under the covers even if not dressed tzniusly, because the sheet covering you is considered like a robe you are wearing.

Although not ideal and lacking in respect for the beracha, it is permitted for a woman to make a beracha even when minimally clothed, as we see each month when she goes to the mikva.

posted:2009-06-08 13:31:23

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