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TAGS:baby names
Miscellaneous - Baby names - Kayla
Submitted by Deena  Answered by Rabbi Tzvi Frank
Answer: This is what I found.
Good luck...
- a Yiddish form of Kelila, a Hebrew name meaning "crown of laurel", and symbolically "perfection". Kelila is also a female form of the name Kalil, meaning "complete, whole, perfect".
- a Yiddish form of the names Cecilia and Celia.
- a Yiddish pet form of the name Karolina
- a Yiddish form of "geile", meaning "happy, mischievous, vivacious, playful..." in Old German.
- a variation of the name Gella, meaning "fair haired" in Yiddish
- a Yiddish form of "geila", meaning "French, Gaul" in Old German.
- a Yiddish pet form of the name Michaela
- in Hebrew, "kalah" means "bride, fiancee". So it could be a Yiddish form of "kalah".
posted:2009-07-16 13:29:57

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