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Halacha - Using Sun/Lunar computer generated predictions
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

Generally speaking it is forbidden to rely on any means of divining and controlling the future by supernatural means; Astrology would certainly qualify. While pru u'revu is a very important mitzvah, the ends do NOT justify the means. Additionally, I am very skeptical about the reliability of a method that predicts the sex of a fetus based on the birthdays of the parents.

However I did find a many websites that can calculate the days most likely to conceive a boy based on the based on a certain degree of medical theory regarding the proximity to ovulation. While their method is by no means fool-proof, it at most increases the odds of having a boy and that by a modest percent, if your brother is willing to give it a try there would be no issues in Halacha.

posted:2009-07-20 14:25:08

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