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Halacha - changing sefira minhag
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

First of all, I wouldn't recommend watching movies the whole year and certainly not during Sefiras HaOmer.

However, from your question I presume that in the past you kept the second part of Sefira, and just because one happened to listen to music during Sefira is not grounds to change ones minhag. Changing minhagim is not a simple matter and should not be done lightly. I know there is a common misconception that R' Moshe Feinstein zatzal permited one to change which part of Sefira he observes at whim, but a careful reading of the teshuva makes it clear that he never allowed any such thing.

posted:2008-05-01 10:01:29