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Halacha - Long Shemoneh Esrei
Submitted by Fishel H  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

Of course ideally you should try to find a minyan that davens at your deliberate pace so you can say the entire davening with the minyan and with kavana. Alternatively you could come early enough to get a head start so they will just catch up to you at Shmoneh Esrei. But life isn't always ideal. Certainly you don't need to feel guilty, because if you cannot answer Kedusha you can still listen quietly and you fulfil your obligation as a "shomea k'oneh".

The preferable thing to do under your circumstances would be to skip non-obligatory parts of davening such as korbanos, and even parts of Pesukei d'Zimra may be made up after davening. You should also limit your kavanos to basic understanding of the words you are saying. However, you should not rush davening to the point where you will stumble on the words or not be aware of what you are saying; that would not be a worthwhile tradeoff considering that you always have the option of listening to Kedusha.

posted:2008-04-08 15:05:59