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TAGS:Moshiach  orthodox
Miscellaneous - Messiah
Submitted by Ben Vick  Answered by Revach Editor
Answer: Sholom Ben,

Absolutely.  The Orthodox Jew prays for the arrival of Moshiach at least three times a day.  In fact one of the first questions the Heavenly court asks every Jew after their death is did you anxiously await the redemption that will come about by the arrival of Moshiach.

To answer you other question, Orthodox Jews are bound by tradition and don't omit any parts of the tradition as time goes by.  Nothing becomes irrelevant as Torah, both the written law and even oral tradition are timeless.  

The term modern Jew is a bit too ambiguous to address and does not have a specific meaning.  One can be Modern yet be 100% true to tradition if that is what you mean.  It is not necessarily a contradiction unless again it means tampering with tradition.

I hope this helps.
posted:2010-02-03 14:51:06

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