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Halacha - Nida
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Answer: Generally speaking 7 clean days is sufficient except when there is a miscarriage of a female fetus more than 40 days past conception when a minimum of 14 days is required before going to the mikva and the 7 clean days can not start until the 8th day following termination of the pregnancy. 8 full weeks is 56 days, however the doctors count from the beginning of the last period which is at least 12 days earlier. So if not more than 40 days passed between the last time you went to the mikva and the termination of the ectopic pregnancy you certainly may start counting the 7 clean days as soon as possible. If more than 40 days passed there are other factors that must be taken into consideration such as the stage of development the fetus had reached, however more than 14 days is certainly not needed. Furthermore, if the ectopic pregnancy was removed through the abdominal wall there is certainly no need to wait more than 7 clean days, because Halacha does not consider a cesarean to be a birth. However if the pregnancy was terminated by methotrexate and the fetus was expelled in the normal manner, what I wrote previously applies.
posted:2010-04-08 23:14:18

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