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Section: Questions   Category: Chumash
TAGS:Shmini Atzeres
Chumash - sukkos
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Revach Editor

Pey - Payis, a new raffle for the Korbonos of Shmini Atzeres that don't go to the Mishmoros who didn't have 3 Parim on Succos.

Zayin - Zman, a new Shehecheyanu

Reish - Regel.  It is a machlokes what this means.  Either that you don't sit in a Succah (Rashi), or that yo0u must stay over night, "Lina" (Rabbeinu Tam), or it stops aveilus (Rabbeinu Chananel).

Korbon - Korban A different Korban and not a continuation of the steady decline of Parim from Succos.

Shin - Shira Shir Shel Yom which is not connected to the theme of the Succos days.

Bais - Bracha.  It is a machlokes what this means.  Either that you bless the king (Rashi), or that you say "Shmini Atzeres" in davening and Birchas HaMazon (Rabbeinu Tam)

See Succah 48a

posted:2010-09-29 00:43:14

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