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TAGS:Yom Tov
Halacha - yomtov israel vs chutz
Submitted by lombard  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

Assuming that when you made Aliya it was based upon a decision to remain in Israel long-term and your current visit back to Australia is merely a temporary visit to help for the births, you remain Halachically Israeli. Therefore, you would technically keep just one Seder and 7 days of Yom Tov totally. However, the Halacha is that one may not deviate from the local practice either, so you should sit through and participate in the second Seder as well, though not recite any of the Berachos. Furthermore, you may not do any forbidden Melachos on the second days of Yom Tov, whether in public or in private.

posted:2013-01-08 04:25:22

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