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Section: Questions   Category: Halacha
Halacha - Shaving
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

There is a long standing disagrement between the Poskim regarding shaving with an electric shaver. It is generally accepted among the non-Chassishe Poskim in the US that, except for the lift-and-cut shavers, it is permitted. To the best of my knowledge there has not been any significant change over the past number of years. There are those who use a sulfer based powder to remove facial hair which is universally permitted, however it has a strong odor and can be painful.

Regarding your preference, this is an important issue that you should discuss openly with your husband as part of having good communication in your marrige. It is possible that he prefers to grow a beard for his own reasons and is using this as an opening, and he should also be open discussing his personal preferences and true motives.

posted:2008-07-01 15:09:03

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