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Halacha - conversion
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

This is too sensitive and delicate of a topic to resolve online, but let me help you clarify some of the issues you will need to discuss in person with your Rabbi. First, you should strive to determine precisely who in your ancestry was Jewish. If it was your mother's mother's mother, then you are a born Jew and conversion is irrelevant. However if your mother's maternal ancestry was not Jewish then you were born a non-Jew and require a conversion. Conversion to Judaism by definition requires a commitment to observe the Jewish religion, and if that commitment was not present on your part at the time of conversion, then bris, mikva and Beis Din did not help you. If you were personally committed at the time, then there are many details that would need to be clarified about your conversion to determine its possible validity. however, even if your original conversion was not valid according to Halacha, there is still a solution. Assuming that at the present you are committed to Mitzvah observance, you could undergo a second, Orthodox conversion. This way you would not have to choose between your family and Torah observance. Again, there are many details involved, and you should discuss them with a knowledgeable Orthodox Rabbi who is familiar with your situation.

posted:2008-07-30 19:49:37