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Section: Questions   Category: Halacha
Halacha - moving to another town
Submitted by avi danziger  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Question: BS'D K'voyd Ho'Rav, Living in Budapest, with it's special challanges for the hareidim. The shayle is the next. Since we are small in number of hareidishe mispohes, we are living mames amongst the goyim. Where there is only one jewish family. The main problem what we are facing is the electro magnetic lock on most of the entrance doors: two flat surfaces of metal with an electric circuit: it' s use is out of question: the only solution is if you have an inner yard of the house: only in that case you can use the inner door from the garden what works with a regular key lock: the second is the automatic sensored lights in the inside hallways: second part is the disturbance because of the neighbours: BUT on the other side is: the shul is only fifteen minutes walk: as well the mikveh: and the rest of the orthodox community: for minyan on shabes: yantev: the question is arises: is it better to move out of city limits into a family house: where there won't be any problem regarding shabes: but there aren't jews: so I am staying at home for shabes and yantev. The above mentioned questions can repeat itself even if I am selling my current apartmant and buying another in a different location. the basic situation remains the exactly same. Is it better to move out into a family home, but on shabes there is no shul. Bruhe v'haclohe avruhom danziger

I'm not sure I fully understand all the issues involved, but if you have managed to overcome the Halachic issues of the electronic lock and the automatic lights with minor inconvenience, there is no question that being part of a community is extremely important for maintaining your Yiddishkeit and sanity. However, if you are causing the lights to go on each time you step out the door of your house, then there is no benefit of being within walking distance of Shul if you can't leave your house to get there.

posted:2008-09-16 14:03:13

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