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Halacha - Aliyot
Submitted by Ivor Lewis  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

In a shul where the aliyos are sold, none of this list applies. Furthermore, this affects only regular members of the shul.

Briefly the order is: 1) a chasan at his aufruf. 2) a bar mitzva boy for his first aliya. 3) one who's wife gave birth and has come to shul for the first time. 4) a chasan during sheva berachos. 5) a yahrtzeit (shocking no? most people think a yahrtzeit comes first). 6) the father, mohel and sandak of a baby who is having a bris. 7) a father who is naming a baby girl.

There are many other details, but this is a general outline.

posted:2008-04-16 13:37:05