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TAGS:dishwasher  hagala
Halacha - kashering a stainless dishwasher
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

While Reb Moshe writes that theoretically it can be kashered, practically it is nearly impossible. Any plastic parts can not be kashered and must be replaced. Also, before kashering it is necessary to remove any particles of food that could potentially come in contact with hot water. Therefore, you would have to replace the racks and plastic runners, cleaning thoroughly where they meet the body of the dishwasher as well as all other seams. Also the filters would have to be cleaned well or replaced, and the drain would also require a complete rework. Due to the complexity of the practical aspects, it is not recommended to kasher a home dishwasher, and if you must, have a knowledgeable and practically minded Rav inspect your specific model to give you exact instructions.

posted:2008-12-23 16:52:05

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