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Halacha - Pots From Last Pesach
Submitted by Benny M.  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh
Answer: The pot should be kashered l'chatchila.
posted:2008-04-14 15:37:14  (0) comments   email to a friend

Halacha - Dental Bi-Plate for Pesach?
Submitted by Simcha  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

Don't worry about asking, the Gemorra says "ain habayshan lomed", one who is too embarrassed to ask won't learn.

While many opinions hold that in this case as well it is sufficient to clean thoroughly and wait 24 hours, here it is more realistic to be machmir. So, preferably the bite-plate should have boiling water poured over it as irui kli rishon, but if there is risk that this will also damage the equipment one may rely on soaking in hot water.

posted:2008-04-11 04:47:37  (0) comments   email to a friend

Halacha - batim scandal
Submitted by Chaim  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

I'm not at all familiar with this story, but I would recommend calling HaRav Friedlander (English speaking) at 02 571-3289. He is one of the preeminent experts in STaM today.

I have no specifec expertise in the subject, but Piskei Teshuvos 32:60 brings opinions that it would depend if the added material was in the bayis or the titura.

posted:2008-04-11 04:27:17  (1) comment   email to a friend

Halacha - Website on Shabbat
Submitted by Yosef  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

If it is purely a Torah website like Revach, than there is no more problem than making any machine that the buyer may possibly use on Shabbos. Since the site runs without any imput from its creator it is not the responsibility of the manufacturer if a melacha is done on Shabbos.

However a Jewish website that also offers items for sale would not conduct sales on Shabbos because it is forbidden to derive benefit from commerce that was conducted on Shabbos, even if no aveirah was committed by the seller.

posted:2008-04-10 09:15:36  (3) comments   email to a friend

Halacha - ReAllocating Tzedoka money
Submitted by Yeruchom Weiss  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

Most Poskim hold that until the money reaches the hand of the recipient or the gabbai tzedaka one may change his mind as where to give his donation. However, there are opinions that just the thought of commiting to give tzedaka to a specific cause is binding and would require hataras nedarim to divert the funds even to another worthy cause.

The sefer Tzedaka U'Mishpat writes that it makes no difference whether one has spoken out loud his intentions or not, and even if he told the prospective beneficiary he may still change his mind according to the more lenient opinion. Of course, under these circumstances there is the the additional factor of bein adam l'chaveiro to take into account.

posted:2008-04-09 14:33:52  (0) comments   email to a friend

Halacha - Bedika on Pesach Cabinets
Submitted by Zvi L  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

When one cleans a cabinet before the 14th of Nissan it does not need another bedika because now it has the status of a place where chametz hes not been brought. This actually raises an issue the Poskim discuss of after we spend weeks scouring our house for Pesach why do we need to do any bedikas chametz at all on the night of the 14th? Some are of the opinion that under these circumstances the hiding of 10 pieces of chametz is essential to enable one to make a beracha, because otherwise the entire house would have the status of a place where chametz is not brought and making a beracha on its bedika would be a beracha l'vatala.

posted:2008-04-09 10:48:09  (3) comments   email to a friend

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