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Section: Questions   Category: Halacha
Halacha - checking eggs
Submitted by Yizchok Bmispar  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

I presume your question is "does a financial incentive render a generally unreliable non-Jew reliable for checking eggs?"

The answer to this question requires a little background information. A fertilized egg which is usually noticeable from a spot of blood is forbidden Min HaTorah, and the entire egg is forbidden not just the blood. Regarding such eggs one may not rely on a child under Bar/Bas Mitzva to check and certainly not a Goy. Also, as many have learned and continue the custom, one should not cook less than three whole eggs together if there is a risk that one may be fertilized. However in today's world nearly all eggs are grown on commercial farms with no roosters on site and no risk of fertilization. Any red spots in our eggs are questionable if they are blood at all and certainly do not signify fertilization. Therefore, if one is using commercially grown eggs, while the eggs should be checked and if one finds a red spot the egg or at least the spot should be discarded, even a Goy would be sufficient for this. Since it is reasonable to assume that the non-Jewish workers will not look seriously for blood spots that they consider insignificant, it is certainly a clever idea to give them an incentive to take their job seriously. If one purchases organic eggs or receives eggs from someone's backyard then there is a real risk of fertilization, and paying non-Jewish workers to find blood spots would not help.

posted:2008-09-01 16:01:53

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